Accessible Services

Accessible services for various disabilities including Deaf & Hard of Hearing, people with vision impairment, and other accessibility considerations. Including mobile wheelchair accessible facilities that can bring services right to your doorstep.


Programs for educational facilities and professionals.

Direct Services

We can provide you, your organization, your facility, or your clients, with services to help you achieve your educational, entertainment, and/or therapeutic goals. We can also provide you with direct consulting services if desired.

Guest Speaker Engagements

RPG Therapeutics LLC president, and RPG Research founder, Hawke Robinson, is available for guest speaker engagements. This page provides information about such engagements.

Other Services

While role-playing games as a therapeutic modality we know better than any other service provider, we are therapeutic recreation & music specialists, and can provide these services as well.

Professional Training & Certification Services

Whether you are an educator, healthcare professional, professional entertainer, or other professional wishing to learn how to incorporate role-playing games into your programs, we can help. Our diverse array of research-supported evidence-based training programs can cover the needs of education, entertainment, and therapeutic professionals.


Program plans to help clients achieve educational and therapeutics goals.

RPG Education

RPG Therapeutics LLC's RPG Education online learning platform

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