Role-Playing Game Professional Workshops Overview

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Here is an overview list of our Workshops.

  • RPG Workshop 1: Introduction to Role-Playing Games for All Professionals

  • RPG Workshop 2: 

  • RPG Workshop 3:

  • RPG Workshop 4:

  • RPG Workshop 5:

  • RPG Workshop 6:

  • RPG Workshop 7: 

  • RPG Workshop 8:

  • RPG Workshop 9:

  • RPG Workshop 10:

  • RPG Workshop 11:

  • RPG Workshop 12:

  • RPG Workshop 13:

  • RPG Workshop 14:

  • RPG Workshop 15:

  • RPG Workshop 16:

  • RPG Workshop 17:

  • RPG Workshop 18:

  • RPG Workshop 19:

  • RPG Workshop 20:

Additional workshops listed in the RPG Professionals Online Store.

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Note, while our in-person workshops provide all hands-on materials, online programs require you to download and/or purchase items in advance for the full hands-on experience.  While free downloads may be available through us, any products needing to be purchased for the workshop are not purchased through us, we are not a reseller.