RPG Organization

This site is an attempt to try to help people understand the different RPG-related websites and organizations founded by Hawke Robinson, to help reduce confusion about what each site represents, and hopefully help build local and online communities around these interests.

Services and Organizations:

  • RPG ResearchRPG Research is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit 501(c)3 research & human services charitable organization building an international community helping to provide a free & open role-playing game research repository and support studies on the effects of all role-playing game formats, accessibility & inclusiveness considerations for role-playing gamers, looking at the potential potential for RPGs to help various populations achieve their educational, recreational, or therapeutic goals. Donations go directly to support research and community programs to help improve peoples lives. 
  • RPG Therapeutics LLC - "Improving lives through adventure & exploration". For-profit professional educational and therapeutic services company. Using therapeutic Recreation, music, & role-playing games to help people achieve their educational, emotional, entertainment, physical, professional, social, & therapeutic goals.
  • RPG Education dba - Online education platform.
  • RPG Publishers dba - Publishing services for RPG professionals in educational, entertainment, recreational, and therapeutic professions.
  • GM Gig - Game Master booking and feedback platform.
  • RPG Bus - Wheelchair accessible prototype proof of concept bus providing comfortable, quiet, & safe environment for recreational activities.
  • RPG Trailer - Wheelchair accessible prototype proof of concept trailer providing comfortable, quiet, & safe environment for recreational activities.
  • RPG Parties - Providing role-playing game and drumming services for parties and special events.
  • RPG Model - proposed ideas for discussion and formation of a role-playing game model.
  • RPG Theories - proposed ideas for discussion and formation of role-playing game theories.
  • Accessible RPG - Website focusing on providing information about accessibility considerations in role-playing games.
  • ASL RPG - Community website building American Sign Language (ASL) signs for role-playing gamers.
  • RPG Juke - Music and ambient sounds for role-playing gaming.
  • RPG Fund - Nonprofit foundation to support individuals and organizations researching the effects of role-playing games, or using RPGs in practice to help improve people's lives.
  • RPG Professionals Association (RPGPA) - Professional association promoting professionalism in role-playing gaming.
  • RPG Talk Show - Talk show about role-playing games.
  • RPG Tour - Tour attempting to raise awareness about accessibility & inclusiveness in music and gaming.
  • Spokane RPG - Local community role-playing gamers website.
  • Drop In and RPG - Free public community programs providing introductions to role-playing games throughout the Northwest USA.
  • Hawke Robinson.com - An attempt at summarizing Hawke's diverse background and interests.
  • Hawke Enterprising dba - Consulting services by Hawke Robinson
  • Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC - Information technology and information security services
  • Synthetic Zen - Hawke's music composition and performance website